Forecasts of Post-COVID-19 and New Normal Technology Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic has increasingly shown how important and useful digital solutions are in developing business. The Covid-19 pandemic can be said to be the main catalyst for digital transformation that will accelerate several technological trends that have been running before.

Apart from the economic impact that has emerged due to the pandemic, the positive side that can be taken from this phenomenon is the acceleration of technology development, especially technological innovations that help reduce human contact, automation of processes to increase productivity amid social and physical distancing. The following is a complete list of popular technology trends after the Covid-19 pandemic and New Normal.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The convenience offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has often been used across industries such as data processing to facial or voice recognition.

After Covid-19, consumer behavior will not return to normal as it was before the pandemic. Consumers will do more shopping …