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Science and know-how is the best factor society could ever ask for. Blinded by the lie, enthralled by the power of latest technologies to not clear up discrete issues however to collect, retailer, check, and analyze billions of terabytes of information about all the pieces that goes on wherever — from Earth’s core to the human brain to the outer ambiance — and religiously dedicated to the notion that more information, extra peer-reviewed publications, and extra funding is all the time a step in the fitting path, whatever route which may be, the scientific group and its supporters at the moment are busily creating the infrastructure and the expectations that can make unreliability, knowledge chaos, and multiple conflicting truths the essence of science’s legacy.

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We want to create a distinct trajectory of integration by rethinking the very need for social science questions in a science institution and come up with viable arguments for why this might improve the standard of education provided and increase both analysis and employability options for

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