How IoT, A.I., and V.R. Are Making The Construction Site Safer

Perhaps, you have always been wondering what the future of technology might would look like for those who are in the construction industry. In a field where productivity, efficiency, and safety are essential, it’s thrilling to see that the construction industry is finally starting to embrace technology.

From safety cones and stop lights to virtual reality, there’s definitely a lot to expect in how this area of the construction industry will grow in the coming years.

Here are the 3 of the most exciting digital construction technologies that you should look forward to.

1. Interactive Video Tours

You are probably familiar with Google 360, and what it has to offer, this technology allows builders to shoot a video that doesn’t only guide the user on a video tour but also allows them to pan around the video for a 360 view.

2. VR and AR Goes Beyond Video Games

If there’s one digital trend that the construction industry should be looking forward to would be virtual reality and augmented reality. In fact, it’s even considered to be the hottest trend, you might ever think of. To support that, some companies have been investing in this technology with the aim of making it accessible and practical for everyone.

Apparently, it influences potential buyers to consider getting the property, as they’ll be able to see exactly what to expect through a pair of goggles. Something like this works great in adding a new dimension to video, but do note that to enjoy this to the fullest, you’ll have to use a particular type of equipment which can be a little costly, but the potential it offers is truly remarkable.

It’s also worth noting that the millennials have been shaking up the buying process and they want to have a better experience when it comes to getting a property.

Experts profoundly believe that millennials are slowly becoming the catalyst for change in the construction industry, and as home buyers, they won’t settle for anything they are not even sure of. As a digital generation, they have the advantage of enjoying unlimited information right at their fingertips.

Gone are the days when you’ll have to rely on installing a Quicktime plugin just to be able to enjoy a fisheye view of a room. With technology, builders will be able to offer virtual tours of a home, allowing their clients to “walk” from one place to another. Although this would definitely require a right amount of investment, rest assured that it’s worth it.

3. A Shift to Mobile

A lot of construction companies are beginning to realize how important it is to create a mobile-friendly website because the majority of their potential clients are probably using their phone more than a desktop computer. That’s why by designing a construction website for mobile, you’ll have the assurance that you’ll be able to reach your target market effectively.

It’s also important for construction companies to find their way into marketing automation. What does this imply? They should learn how to customize workflows that would cater to every user and improve their customer experience. Fortunately, there are some software solutions available in the market, which makes it easier for construction owners to practice this.