Online Therapy is a New Wave of Technology – How Faithful Counseling works

There was first an advertisement of Facebook which asked clinical psychologist, Nina Barlevy to visit the website of online therapy, Faithful The company promoted online counseling to those who were staunch believers of Christianity. If you’re someone who needs online counseling in its basic form, you can seek help of BetterHelp but if you want to believe in Christianity, Faithful Counseling is the best option for you.

Faithful Counseling

Just as all businesses are going online, similarly there are the counseling therapy agencies which are also going online were they provide the best therapists who can help the patients and regaining their peace of mind with ease. The fact that you don’t have to set appointments, wait in the office and then speak in-person with the therapist despite feeling hesitant about talking about your personal issues to a stranger, is something that makes online counseling popular and famous.

This is the reason behind this huge wave of online therapy that is being considered as the latest buzzword. Amidst all the competition that is being faced by the online counseling agencies, Faithful Counseling is one of the best which engages in counseling via Biblical teachings. A person who is a staunch believer of Christianity will benefit by seeking help of this online agency.

Faithful Counseling – How much does it cost?

Unlike all other in-person therapies which cost more than $150 per session, Faithful Counseling also offers a comprehensive counseling service at the rate of $35 and $80 in a week. The bill is given on the basis of monthly subscription. This agency is designed in such a manner that you can develop and nurture a long-term relation with the counselor who gives you directions on which path to take to get back normalcy in your life. Before you take the plunge, make sure you read the reviews at

Why is Faithful Counseling not free?

Faithful Counseling wouldn’t have been possible if it was a free service. As they run as a private company, they don’t receive any outside funding or any sort of donations. They charge the subscription fee to compensate their professional therapist in a fair manner, the licensed counselors and the other non-counseling staff.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an option to cure your mental health issues, whether depression or anxiety or stress, you have to ensure getting help from Faithful Counseling as they’re the best ones in the market.