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Science has made our life comfy. The science and know-how has been liable for the development of: agriculture, communications, credit score services, electrical energy, schooling, health, housing, infrastructure, industries, transportation, and so on. Science is the manifestation of human fascination with world around us. The invention that I discover in this little magazine all the time lifts my spirits; folks finding pleasure in exploration and in the news

Figure 2: A scan of a wholesome mind compared to a brain affected with Alzheimer. We have laid much emphasis on the development of science and technology as a major instrument for reaching national objectives of self-reliance and socioeconomic in the news

The Nationwide Institutes of Health will intensify its efforts to seek out the causes of autism and establish new remedies for the dysfunction, through a new research program. If, for example, you don’t have sufficient iron in your eating regimen, your body might not be able to make enough healthy purple blood cells, DiMichele says.

When you do not suppose your genes can change throughout your lifetime, suppose again, because science has proved that it may possibly. PARIS – BRITISH scientists said on Wednesday that they had discovered key steps in the course of by which life on Earth could have emerged from a seething soup of easy chemical compounds.

The meals we eat, the water we drink, our properties and places of work, the clothes we wear, the vitality we use, and the air we breathe are all grown in, taken from, surround, or transfer by the planet. Tiny gene mutations, each individually rare, pose extra danger for autism than had been beforehand thought, suggests a study funded in part by the Nationwide Institute of Psychological Health, a part of the National Institutes of in the news